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Although this large retaining wall I built was pre-engineered to be free standing I chose to install 4 layers geogrid tie back fabric. The reason I did this is because the customer was paying good money for this wall and I wanted to put a 10 yr warranty on the workmanship of this wall .

What is Geogrid… Geo is a woven non textile polymer fabric that is sandwiched between the layers of the wall. Placing layers of this fabric between each row of the wall stone laid along with a bead of concrete adhesive and then lay the next layer of wall stone on top of that. The excess fabric is drawn back into your trench and laid over top of the back fill so more back fill can be placed on top .You would continue to do this every so many layers depending on the height and back slope of the wall.

Why Geogrid… It’s a simple process in that the mesh fabric allows the back fill to settle through the squares and the overflow of the fabric being sandwiched between the layers. In order for the wall to move it must pull the fabric out of the back fill which is near impossible without heavy equipment, thus creating a highly stabilized wall.

The Base…The other most important factor in any wall, whether its 6 inches tall or 20 ft tall, is having a proper base under the wall. Without a proper base frost will heave the wall in winter and cause it to fail. The depth of the base and material used for the base is determined by the height of the wall and the type of wall your are using.

Call Barry or email Get R Done, the St. Thomas Handyman 226-448-0843 should you be looking to have a retaining wall built. We know exactly how to engineer your wall to be structurally sound and stable.

We build garden walls, planter walls,and retaining walls that are built to last a lifetime along with landscaping in St. Thomas .

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  • Frank Devereaux

    Hello my name is Frank and I can be reached at (548) 888-9185
    The project is at 174 Centre St in St Thomas
    Please give me a call when you can for details

    Thank you

    • handyr Post author

      I apologize for the delayed response. I dont always get notified about comments and only see them when I log in to do updates or maintenance on my site .
      Please use the contact form on the page which sends me a direct email or call me at 226 446 0843 if you need anything in the future.
      Thanks Barry