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In these busy and hectic times of today, we often overlook the small home damages that severely need repairs and mending.

If we don’t overlook them, we count them as insignificant without realizing that if they are ignored, the damage can increase and need extra repairs later on.

Many times, people think that some small repairs such as plastering and painting walls, fixing a wall cabinet, etc. are small tasks that can be tended to yourself but tending to them can mean delayed work (always putting it off for tomorrow), incomplete work, or improper work. There are even chances of you damaging it further. So therefore, this is where a handyman (or multiple handymen) come in to help. They are professional and can help you with all small home repairs!

Handymen are the best middle option – you neither have to risk further damage or waste time on tackling the job yourself and you don’t have to hire expensive specialists for the job and waste extra money. Reasonably priced and efficient, a handyman is the best for your small home repair needs.

How Much Small Home Repairs Cost

Technically, while handymen have different rates they maintain, the cost of hiring a handyman to manage a variety of small home repairs will cost a lot less than going for various specialized contractors or hiring a repair company.

But, this stands true if you are really looking at small home repairs. For example, if you have creaky stairs, then the best, most economical option would be the service of a handyman. But if you want to completely replace the stairs, then specialized companies are the way to go. Remember, small home repairs are best suited for handymen.

The reason behind the difference in cost is fairly easy to understand. When you have multiple small home repairs that require repairs, it is cheap to hire a handyman because he can manage all small repairs professionally in one trip. Therefore costing less than hiring individual professional companies for each repair service.

But, when the problem is big and vast and cannot be managed by a handyman, then contractors will suit you better. Because they will already be equipped and ready rather than having to purchase tools or do unprofessional work.

Quite often if a contractor is required your local handyman can recommend a reputable contractor they know or have dealt with in the past .

That way you don’t have to worry about the hassles of calling around trying to find a contractor. 

Small Home Repair Tasks for a Handyman

Generally, a handyman can take care of a variety of small home repairs. Being affordable and convenient handyman, while being someone who can only complete small home repairs, costs less than a carpenter to do.

Being professional and skilled, handymen may be typically self-taught and practiced, but that does not mean they do not deliver the work right. They are experienced. They understand all small home repairs well.

Being almost like a jack of all trades, a handyman can cater to small home repairs like fixing leaks and installing cabinets. They can clean drains, fix water clogging issues and replace door hinges etc.

Prepare and List Your Small Home Repairs Down

Prepare yourself before contacting a handyman’s service if you have decided it will best suit your small home repair needs. First of all, know that there are different types of handymen.  You should know which handyman to go for regarding your repairs. Some may cost a little more but you get professional work and they do abide by the building code and local bylaws and work skillfully.  Some other ones may cost a little less but they don’t always abide by codes and laws

Then, after deciding to hire a handyman , it is best to know what repairs are needed specifically. Make a list of all small home repairs before contacting handyman. This helps you save extra trip charges and you can get everything fixed in one trip.

Take close inventory of your entire home and see what needs fixing. If you think something might need repairing later, get that fixed too as the cost will be less than a second trip charge.

Also, while most of the small home repairs are small and simple, some can need prior preparation, extra tools, etc. So you need to inform your handyman beforehand so he can come prepared accordingly.

When Should You Call a Handyman?

The great part about hiring a handyman or handyman company is that they work flexibly. And what may seem like a major small repair is only a few minutes’ worth of work to them.

From small tasks to big ones – or as big as they can while still counting as a small home repair. Handymen manage all and probably in less time than you estimate. The list you have made comes in help when you are contacting them. Only contact them when you are sure you have everything jotted down.

Express your needs to them in advance so that they can prepare beforehand. If you inform them upon their arrival at your door, they will need to purchase tools while still receiving hourly wages. When you have discussed all your small home repair needs, you can call a handyman or handyman service.
Get a cost estimate first to know what to expect. Then schedule a time for them to come to your home and do all the repairs. It’s ideal to have them over when you’re available so you can oversee everything and ensure it meets your requirements.

Of course, the handyman can be occupied at the time you are free so make room for adjustments.

Before hiring a general contractor, consult Barry from Get R Done, your St. Thomas Handyman, for an honest quote to determine if your job requires a handyman.

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