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The Debate: Should You Roll Your Lawn or Aerate Your Lawn

The truth be known… doing both is actually best.

Lawn Rolling

One of the reasons for lawn rolling is to flatten out the humps and bumps in your lawn which makes cutting your grass a much smoother experience. 

This not only saves wear and tear on yourself. It also causes less wear and tear on your equipment, keeping it from breaking down frequently.

Lawn rolling is a must when installing seed or putting down new sod.  Rolling fresh seed and sod ensures proper soil contact and establishment of roots.  If you don’t roll the fresh seed birds and small animals eat it,it may also will wash away with the rain which doesn’t give it the opportunity to germinate evenly. 

Rolling sod ensures proper contact of the root system of your new sod with your soil.  Without this contact your sod could be blotchy and patchy. 

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